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Lisa Vanderpump has left the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills building - and fans are now blaming Kyle Richards and Teddi Mellencamp for her exit and have started a petition to have the pair kicked off the show.

Yes. A Petition.

A disgruntled fan has taken to Change.Org and created a petition to have the Beverly Hills means girls removed.

"Dear Bravo and Andy Cohen,

"We are asking that you fire Kyle Richards and Teddi Arroyave. Kyle has continuously slandered Lisa Vanderpump by accusing her of leaking stories. It's come out before that one of the leaks came from Adrienne's cook in a past season and radaronline has cleared Lisa Vanderpump regarding the recent puppy gate situation. Kyle has persistently accused Lisa with no proof whatsoever. Teddi Arroyave should be fired for the fact she helped propel The propaganda and then only owning up to it so she could spin the narrative to make herself look innocent," the petition reads.

"It is so blatantly clear to RHOBH fans that sabatoged Lisa Vanderpump that we are insisting that these two be fired. Your own show also clears Lisa if wrong doing as John blizzard admitted he used Lisa's name without her knowledge while talking to Teddi," the petitioner continues, adding that fans are "sick" of the pair's behavior.

The petition has garnered over 3,100 of the 5,000 signatures needed.

Is a petition a step too far?