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Twitter is officially over Camille Grammar after viewing the recent episode in which she defended Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh against evidence of sexual misconduct, citing a lack of evidence.

Lisa Rinna and Camille discussed Brett Kavanaugh's Senate confirmation hearings and Dr. Christine Blassey Ford's testimony describing her alleged attack.

"I know what it feels like to be wrongfully accused and humiliated all over the country, the world, for lies," Camille said at dinner. Lisa was shocked as Camille herself had been a victim of sexual assault in the past. At the dinner table, she stated that if the accuser was truly assaulted, that she would have told her best friend or her mother right away - which is completely false.

She then stood by her words after the show aired:

"I felt that the first season of Housewives and Kyle calling me a ‘f*cking liar,' I was made to look like this villain the first season, and I was this horrible person and I felt like it was all coming down on me and it was affecting me as mother. And my children were being affected by it, and when I watched his children talk about it, that's when it hit me. I felt so bad for his kids because it struck a chord on me, what my kids were going through, because I've been there and my kids have been there and it just made me really, really emotional," Camille said.

Twitter is unimpressed.