RHOA's Reveals She Was Tear-Gassed While Protesting In Atlanta

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Real Housewives of Atlanta star posted a video to her Instagram account, revealing that she and other protestors were tear-gassed but the Atlanta Police Department while out protesting the death of George Floyd.

In the video, Porsha flees from the officers, she later explains that they were peacefully protesting before being hit with the gas. She and others can be heard coughing and trying to catch their breath after being sprayed with the gas.

"We have the right to freedom of assembly, the right to freedom of association, and the right to freedom of speech. Although today here in Atlanta that was taken away from us," the reality television star wrote in another post.

"A very peaceful group of us protesters had pepper spray bombs thrown at us! In the post right before this one you can hear the music & peaceful chanting right before we were had bombed!" she added.