RHOA's Porsha Williams On White Supremacy: We Need To Dismantle The System

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Real Housewives of Atlanta Porsha Williams has been heavy in the streets during Atlanta's protests -- and during a recent interview with Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, she explained that the system needs to be dismantled in order to combat white supremacy.

"Personally I think that, you know, it's one thing to go out and join in the protests. That is beautiful, because listen, the protests have gained the attention of the media, which is provoking this type of conversation. But I think, as white people who really want to make a change in the understanding around the world, everyone is understanding that there has to be a change. Let's go to what practical things we can do," she explained to Cohen.

"Number one, we already know that the system is full of white supremacy. Correct? So what we need to do is dismantle that system," Porsha said. "And if white people are recognizing that the system has been built by them, and they're possible the only ones to dismantle it, become a part of that." 

Peep some of the interview below.