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'RHOA's Porsha Williams: Marlo Hampton Mixes Pills & Alcohol!!

Viewers of Real Housewives of Atlanta saw Porsha Williams and Marlo Hampton get into a heated exchange before Marlo walked off.

Porsha doesn't mind throwing a little shade around, and during an episode of Dish Nation, she addressed her and Marlo's altercation.

"The thing about Marlo is I actually feel sorry for her. You know sometimes when you got lipo and you be on the pills, and you mix it with alcohol, that ain't a good look. So I'm gonna forgive her for that day, 'cause you know, mixing medication and alcohol, it don't really work well," she said.

Things have been frosty between Porsha and Marlo for a while.

Previously in the bravo Chat Room, Andy Cohen asked: "Porsha, which Atlanta housewife do you wish you could have socially distanced from all season long?"


"This isn't hard at all. Can we do a two for one?" Porsha asked. "I would say Kenya, and I would say half of the season, Marlo."