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Porsha Williams is enjoying her pregnancy, and we have the evidence - a video of her showing us her best moves!

Porsha showed off her curves and her growing baby bump in a skintight, white, mid-length dress and heels to match in the video as she promoted her hair line, Go Naked.'

Her baby's father, Dennis McKinley, is currently facing scrutiny during this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta after Kandi revealed him to be a serial dater. In a recent blog post, Kandi wrote:

“I already heard some things about Dennis from a couple of women, but I didn’t know the details about Jami’s friend.” Did Kandi invite this girl with the sole purpose of talking about Porsha’s man? Or was this merely a coincidence that Dennis was a hot topic of conversation? Something tells me that it’s the former.

“I thought it was crazy that her friend’s story about dating Dennis was similar to what I heard from others who dated him. But what was even crazier was hearing Porsha say that he was doing the same exact things for her! I had no idea that Porsha talked about all that until I saw the episode. He was basically doing the same thing for everybody.” 

But she isn't letting a tiny thing like that get in the way of her new family.

“You know, allegations are allegations. That’s what gossip is [...] People sit around what they think they know, or whatever about the past, everybody has a past. He’s not gonna sit up and deny everything word for word. Nobody has the time. He’s a business man, he’s out making money somewhere," she told E! News.