RHOA's Nene Leakes QUITS Reunion Show

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During Sunday night's part two of the Real Housewives of Atlanta show, Nene Leakes quit -- walking off, shutting her laptop closed and revealing part of her pre-written reads.

"The whole reunion is just Nene. What did you think about part one? Were they asking the questions to anyone besides Nene? It's Nene, honey. Nene, Nene… to the point where I said to Andy, 'Is there anybody else here, honey? Do you have any questions for anyone else here besides just Nene?'" she told ET.

As for her, pre-written reads?

"For me, it's just like Andy [Cohen], he has all of his questions written down and I wanted to not forget to ask questions," she continued. "So, it's not about reading. It was about, I didn't want to forget to ask certain questions because a lot of times, when I'm with these girls and then I leave, I'm like, dang! I forgot to say that. Oh, I wish I would have said this, or I wish I'd had asked that question."

She also hopped on Instagram to vent her frustration to fans.

Here's what the viewers thought: