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'RHOA's NeNe Leakes Alludes To Black Housewives Being Treated Differently

Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes has revealed that her contract negotiations with Bravo are still ongoing and that they are not going well -- she says that she is being treated more harshly than her white peers.

NeNe says the process has been unfair, but she's not settling for anything less than her worth.

"One of the things that I know was said was…they told me about three or four…it's been a lot of things but one of the issues that we have addressed is that the other side said to my side that she calls herself a queen, the HBIC, and quite frankly, we are tired of hearing that," she said without naming names.

NeNe says that the incident where she dragged a producer is being brought up, but she says that in other non-Black franchises, her white counterparts have put hands on execs and were not penalized.

"I was told that I hit one of the producers and they could have prosecuted me for that if they wanted to. Well, they showed the tape to everybody who was watching. I never hit any producer. It was my camera guy. I grabbed his t-shirt. And his t-shirt tore."

She added, "I wonder if they would prosecute Teresa from New Jersey when she pushed Andy down at the reunion. You wonder if they had that same conversation with her. I was curious about it, I wonder if they had that conversation with her."