RHOA's Nene Leakes Accuses Celebs Of Using Protests As PR Stunts

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Real Housewives of Atlanta star took time out of her busy schedule to hop on Twitter and accuse folks of using the current protests as a PR stunt -- allegedly that they do not really care about the cause.

"There are people out here acting like/fronting like they are supporting the cause but they really want you to NOT call them out so they pretend to be involved, pretend to care but they really treating this like a PR stunt. Stop it! You just don't wanna be called out," Nene tweeted.

While some agreed, many felt that Nene's focus at this current time was all wrong.

"This is already a PR stunt. Stop it, not on this topic pls. Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️," one follower wrote.

"This is more than likely true, however why is it your focus? w\ everything going on, why are you checking for the sincerity of what someone else is doing\saying? I know spilling tea & shade is your thing, but now is a good time to put that to the side temporarily for that cause," another chimed in.

Is Nene right? Who y'all think she's referring to?