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Viewers of Real Housewives of Atlanta were outraged after watching Sunday night's episode, and have accused Kenya Moore of runing her bestie, Cynthia Bailey's engagement.

Kenya arrived at Cynthia Bailey's event, and upon her arrival, turned to Cynthia and said, "So all of his family is here? I'm telling you, I feel like he might propose tonight." 

Kandi Burruss was so enraged that she had to step outside to cool off.

Despite Kenya's shenanigans, Mike Hill's proposal went off without a hitch.

"Cynthia, you know I love you. You know you're my love, you're my life, you're my heartbeat, you're my emotions, you're everything that I live for. And I love you, and I just wanna spend the rest of my life with you. Baby, you have accepted me for my past, you're here for me for my present, now I want you to be my forever," Mike said on bended knee.

"Will you marry me?"

But Twitter is not ready to forgive Kenya, with some calling it an "evil" act.