Yovanna Momplaisir, the newest addition to Real Housewives of Atlanta, has revealed that we may have to wait until this season's reunion show to see her #snakegate receipt.

Earlier on in the season, it was revealed that somebody had recorded Cynthia Bailey trash taping Nene Leakes. Yovanna was asked several times whether the "snake" was her, which she denied. But on Sunday, Yovanna was forced to come clean. She denied that anybody "recorded" the alleged conversation but stated that she had "audio."

Castmates and viewers alike were baffled by her confusing revelation.

Yovanna talked to Jasmine Brand to discuss her alleged receipts:

"Guess you'll have to wait until the reunion to find out," she told the publication.

She also said she and Nene are still besties: "We're good. Nene is my girl, and I think it was all just a big misunderstanding. I'm setting the record straight that THERE IS NO AUDIO/RECORDING. I implied I had proof of a conversation when I said "RECEIPTS" and that was taken out of context. "RECEIPTS" Can come in many forms, but I can see now looking back how people would assume that it meant audio/recording."

Yovanna, who also called Cynthia Bailey "desperate" for a man during her chit chat with the outlet, says that she is not desperate for a peach.

"I don't sit around dreaming about holding a peach…to contrary belief. I have multiple businesses, my foundation, I've gotten back into acting, Plus I have a lot of gigs that keep me busy. So unless that "peach check" can compete with all the things I have going on, I'm good."