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Andy Cohen recently revealed that he almost fired Porsha Williams after her first season of Real Housewives of Atlanta -and Porsha is reportedly unsurprised by the revelation.

“Porsha knew at the time she was potentially on the chopping block because there was a lot of chatter that her storyline was slow and not as dramatic as the other ladies,” a source told HollywoodLife. 

“She had trouble fitting in and felt it was because she was new. Because of husband Kordell [Stewart], she knew she wasn’t the most popular housewife and at the time, she was competing with Kenya Moore, who was also in her first season and came in as a fan favorite with guns blazing and that just wasn’t Porsha.”

Cohen revealed that Porsha managed to turn it all around during her performance in her first-ever reunion, where she held her own as well as explained who she was and what she was about.

Porsha went on to quickly become a fan-favorite.