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Atlanta Housewife Porsha Williams and her fiance Dennis McKinley have revealed that she and her fiance Dennis McKinley are already eyeing baby no.2.

"I always say, if you are married, go [ahead], be fruitful. That's what you're supposed to do," Porsha shared.

"We trying to work on No. 2, like, later [today]," Dennis added on Thursday's episode of Dish Nation. "We going right back in."

"My thing is, I, at least, want [Pilar] to be able to sit up on her own. … I'm an old horse. I've got maybe one more good one in me. It could be twins," said Porsha.

The couple recently split back in June after rumors of Dennis cheating on her spread online. Dennis vehemently denied the allegations and the pair reunited shortly there after. 

They currently share a daughter, Pilar, who Porsha gave birth to in March 2019.