Marlo Hampton still does not have a peach for Real Housewives of Atlanta despite viewers urging the network to give her one, but it seems that Marlo isn't really too bothered about getting hers just yet.

"I feel that I deserve a peach for you all," Marlo said on the Wendy Williams Show this week. "I want you all and my fans to really see my life and just really get to see who Marlo is because there's so much more than when you see me come on for two seconds to just stir up some drama."

Marlo is happy with simply being a friend of the show:

"I just feel also, on the other hand, I'm good where I'm at," she continued. "I do feel that God puts you where he wants you to be at."

Is it time that Marlo Hampton got a peach, or do y'all prefer her taking a back seat on the show?