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Marlo Hampton from the Real Housewives of Atlanta recently revealed in an interview that she's still unsure as to whether Kenya Moore's relationship with her husband, Marc Daly, is legitimate.

Marlo had previously referred to the marriage as a scam.

"Whenever it comes to Kenya, she always has different tricks in the bag," Marlo said to Too Fab. "So you never know what you're gonna get when it comes to Mrs. Moore. I'm 50-50 with it."

Marlo and Kenya fell out spectacularly on the show, and Marlo says that the pair will not be repairing their friendship anytime soon:

"It's not even that it's too late, it's just that they don't need to bury hatchets. Some people are awful, and they just won't ever change," she said.

"I'm just sorry to hear about her, and her husband are getting a divorce," Marlo continued. "I mean, I feel that's awful because they do have a beautiful baby on the other end. But you know, shit happens, right?"