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In the most recent episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore, and her husband Marc Daly bickered over why Marc refused to sign a prenup - but according to sources, Marc may have saved Kenya's business.

Marc and Kenya went on a triple date with Cynthia, Mike, Kandi and Todd. And during dinner Marc spilled some tea, he claimed that he helped Kenya fix her hair care business, Kenya Moore Hair Care. According to Marc, the business was in financial trouble - and he helped "straighten it out" no pun intended.

Well now Radar Online is reporting that Marc was telling the truth. "Marc told the whole truth. He was very involved in helping her straighten out her business," a source told Radar Online.

The insider same insider spilled tea on Kenya and Marc's marriage. "He didn't want to be tied to her. That's why he didn't want to get married on paper. She wanted a prenup, and he did not."

As to his reasons for not wanting a prenup:

"We never had a discussion about [a] prenup because, for me, you bring up prenup to me, it's over," Marc told the cast members." I'm not going to marry someone who has a prenup. If you're with me, you're all the way with me, or you're not with me."

He added that he told Kenya that of they part ways, she can have everything except his overseas investments.