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Regular viewers of Real Housewives of Atlanta know that Kenya Moore has been estranged from her biological mother for many years, so it was a surprise to some when Kenya shared that her mother had sent a gift for her grandchild, Brooklyn Daly.

"My prayer has always been to have a family. We had a late celebration for @thebrooklyndaly for her birthday and got a surprise of a lifetime. My mother sent her a gift for her," she wrote in the caption of the post.

"I had stopped praying about our relationship but God sent a message through my child. This is life. And despite challenges God is always on time. Happy Holidays 💗❤️ #love #family #Forgiveness #miraclebaby #healing."

According to Kenya, her mother abandoned her as a child and despite her success in life she has suffered psychologically because of it, all of which has been played out on the show over time.

Reuniting with her mother is great news for Kenya, who is currently separated from her husband, Marc Daly.