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Atlanta Housewife Kenya More did not sign a prenup with husband, Marc Daly, and during a recent trip to Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen - she revealed why.

"You know, listen, we're both successful. I owned my home outright prior to marriage. What I know not being a lawyer, I think that's protected. That's my biggest asset," Kenya explained. "You know, Marc's successful. I just didn't think that things would ever get to a point where he would come after money, so he hasn't yet."

Kenya said that there were issues from the start of her marriage:

"I think that's a good way to characterize it," Kenya said. "We just hadn't worked through things that popped up early on in our relationship, and they just got exacerbated by everything else."

But despite her split from Marc, Kenya says she will not be dating until she is actually divorced as she is still a married woman.