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Atlanta Housewife Kandi Burruss let her husband, Todd Tucker, know that she is not pleased with him after he left her holding the baby to go partying just days after the birth of their baby girl.

Kandi accused Todd of shutting the party down when he spent two nights out of the house after the birth of Blaze, to hit the club!

"If you want to talk about what I've been complaining about the past few days, he pissed me off, OK!", Kandi said. "Like, seriously, I told him, 'Sir, we need to go to counseling, because I don't like you right now,'" a visibly angered Kandi said to Todd in her vlog.

"I didn't like him, I felt he was being selfish. To me, we got a new baby, obviously when it's time to do the late night hours, he just don't try to chip in whatsoever," she said.

And Kandi says this is not the first time either:

"Once again, like he did with Ace, this is where he really pissed me off is that he wanted to go out to the club and she ain't even a week old yet! — Two nights in a row!"

Looks like Todd is in the doghouse...