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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss recently welcomed a baby girl via surrogate and has opened up about how she made the decision to use a surrogate to deliver her third child.

Kandi sat down with husband Todd Tucker and surrogate Shadina Blunt for her Youtube channel, where Shadina explained that it was Married To Medicine's Dr. Jackie Walters who first contacted her about the opportunity.

"And I kind of just brushed her off. I was like, I gave her the information and went about my business. And then she called me a couple months later again like, 'Would you consider doing a mentorship with them?'" Shadina explained. "I was like, 'Of course, I'll meet with them, speak to them, and we'll go from there.' And it really wasn't then that I decided I would do it again. And me and Dr. Jackie had a conversation and was like, 'Really would like to be able to use you.'"

Kandi also explained why she went with Shadina.

"As a parent, you know you're about to put our, basically your baby inside of somebody else's body, right? So you have to get comfortable with that thought. You've got to get comfortable with the person that you choose. It's so many questions and different things that go into it, but what made me comfortable was the fact that Shadina, you and Dr. Jackie had already had a relationship, you [had] already been through the experience together before and it went well," she explained.

"And so, for me, even though I didn't know you well myself in the beginning, the fact that she knew you well and she felt so good about you that she would introduce you to us, to me, that said a lot."