Dennis McKinley, the fiance and baby daddy of Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Porsha Williams, has revealed that her sister has finally unblocked him on social media after eight months.

"Ok let me tell you about the power of forgiveness! When you hurt ppl it’s important to know that you also hurt ppl that love them! @lodwill #unblocked me today BUT Lauren ❤️🙏🏾 you... first time speaking/hanging in 8/9 months ... apologize to EVERYBODY #salaam #family" he captioned the post, which also featured a picture of him hugging Lauren.

Dennis admitted to cheating on Porsha while she was pregnant with their first child, Pilar. In the current season of the show, Porsha and Dennis are attempting to work things out with the help of a counselor. When Porsha speaks to Lauren about the drama on the show, Lauren is visibly still annoyed at Dennis's infidelity.

It's nice to see the whole family coming back together though.