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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Dennis McKinley hit a new low on Sunday night's episode of the show, where he blamed his infidelity on Porsha Williams' postpartum depression.

"We had a rough pregnancy, all the way from start to finish," Dennis told Porsha during couple's therapy. "Sex during pregnancy, it's nothing what a man wants to do."

He continued:

"And after PJ got here, postpartum was very real. We cried together like every night. That's not a good enough why, but that's the why [I cheated]."

He did admit to messing up and making a mistake, but Porsha was unimpressed with his confession.

"A mistake, to me, is taking the wrong exit. You don't make a mistake and set up with someone and cheat. That's not where he needs to be in order for me to heal and move forward. He needs to be in a place in my eyes where he's taking full accountability for his actions, period. No matter how it looks and feels. It insults me when he says mistake," she responded, adding that she was disappointed with him.

Is postpartum depression ever a good excuse for cheating?