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Two Sundays ago, viewers of Real Housewives of Atlanta were shocked to see Kenya Moore try to ruin Mike Hill's proposal to her costar, Cynthia Bailey.

But Cynthia finally had it out with Kenya.

"I had a conversation with Mike because it bothered him. If you knew he was trying to surprise me, why bring that up to me?" she old Kenya.

"I just felt it, and you know, we always have conversations about my premonitions on things… and it's always right," Kenya replied, before being swiftly checked by Kandi Burruss.

"It wasn't a premonition though. She and I already had a little argument about the situation. Basically, that night, Kenya texted me, and I was just letting her know that she needed to hurry cause I think he's about to pop the question. So, when she came in…."

Cynthia then chimed in, saying, "And I responded by saying, 'I think so, too.' So, all I said was when I walked in, I was like, 'I'm excited, I think he's gonna propose tonight.'"

And then that's when Kenya got defensive: "You're making it seem like I somehow ruined her proposal or anything like that. First of all, just let me say this. I am f*cking happy for you, and don't ever sit here and try to question why I said this… because b*tch right there, I ride for her hard."

Y'all think Kenya blew the news on purpose?