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Shiana White who is better recognized as the "Cookie Lady" in the current season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, is claiming she did not mean to hurt Tanya Sam by revealing that her husband tried to shoot his shot with her.

On the show, Shiana revealed to Kenya Moore and to Cynthia Bailey, that Tanya's fiance, Paul Judge, had tried to put the moves on her. After Tanya was confronted with the news, she shrugged off the incident, saying that she did not see what the big deal was. The other ladies felt differently.

The Cookie Lady sat down with TheJasmineBrand, where she addressed the criticism she has faced for spilling the tea.

"I grew up in South Central LA so I can handle the hate….Some of it is funny…I don't regret ANYTHING EVER! Everything happens for a reason and it has already been written!" she told the publication.

She is also standing behind her words, calling Judge's actions toward her "inappropriate and a bit disrespectful … seeing he has a whole package at home all wrapped up tight!"

Despite her words, she says she hopes she and Tanya can work out there differences, adding, "My intentions were not to hurt her."