Real Housewives of Atlanta star Apollo Nida was released from federal prison a few weeks ago. Now he's working as a barber in Atlanta, while staying at a halfway house.

And yesterday, Apollo posted a picture on social media of one of the haircuts he gave his client.

Unfortunately the commenters did not seem to like Apollo's hair cutting skills. According to many of the commenters - Apollo was "bad" at giving haircuts. They claim that the former inmate cut the parts way too wide.

Here's a pic of Apollo's allegedly bad haircut. Here is also a sample of all the f*ckery that's going on in Apollo's comments.

People went into Apollo's comments to roast him over the cut - but Apollo was ready for all the smoke.

He responded to each and every "hater" in his comments.


Apollo recently served five years in federal prison for credit card fraud and identity theft. He's currently living in a halfway house until his official release date in 3 months.

According to OK Magazine, "On June 14, Apollo’s fiancée Sherien Almufti took to Instagram and fired back at claims he violated parole. “They can’t stop us babe!!!” she wrote at the time. “For those who are confused [Apollo] didn’t violate a godd**n thing. Another crime against a black man in the system. Jealousy is a disease and his PO will die mad!!"