Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Apollo Nida, proposed to his girlfriend Sherien while he was still incarcerated in federal prison and decided to do so "creatively."

The reality star, who at the time was facing years in prison, had all his bank accounts frozen - and didn't have money to buy his GF a proper engagement ring.

So, Apollo decided to make her a ring - out of toilet paper. And Sherien describes the paper as being "brown."

Yesterday one of Sherien's fans re-tweeted pics of the ring that Apollo gave to her, and it quickly went viral. As you can imagine, many people are not reacting too well to Sherien's ring.


Sherien and Apollo meanwhile are still negotiating with Bravo to appear on the new season of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Both sides want to make a deal, but Apollo wants to be careful that filming the show does not impact his parole.

For now Apollo and Sherien are enjoying each other in Pennsylvania. Here are pics from Sherien's recent birthday party in Philly: