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RHOA Alum Peter Thomas Addresses Pandemic: They Want You To Be Paranoid!!

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Peter Thomas has weighed in on the recent coronavirus outbreak -- and says "they" want us to be paranoid.

According to the reality television star, he says the stats when it comes to corona, just doesn't add up!

"We gotta curve it [coronavirus] in order for us to return to normalcy" he said, "Now let's do the math, 1.2 million people in Mecklenburg County, not even a thousand people have the virus, and that's less than one-tenth of one percent, less than one percent and ten people dying from it, wow that's like 0.000010." 

He adds that the majority of the deaths in the county were elderly people.

Thomas also says, "Go out and take a walk, enjoy the sun, put your masks on if you're paranoid cause that's exactly what they want you to be, paranoid."