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A new documentary was released last week - and it's called Square One. The documentary offers evidence that the creator claims will prove that Michael Jackson is innocent of any child molestation.

The documentary was produced by Danny Wu - a YouTuber and up-and-coming filmmaker who grew up as an MJ fan. Danny watched “Leaving Neverland” and, after doing some research, decided that there could be no way that Michael Jackson was guilty of his accused crimes. 

The documentary appears to answer many of the questions that fans have - as to whether Michael was really guilty of child molestation charges.

It sets out a powerful counter-narrative to many of the recent anti-Michael Jackson films.

Here's how one reviewer explained the plot of the movie:

The actual chronology of the film walks us through the history of the Chandler family, with a particular focus, of course, on Evan Chandler, and his growing rage.

It establishes perfectly the sequence of events leading to Chandler’s extortion of Jackson and why Chandler filed a criminal report, when he clearly had had no intention of alerting authorities regarding the supposed abuse of his child.

The film makes very clear, as well, why Jackson settled, and how this settlement never voided the possibility of a criminal trial if there had been any evidence to do so.

Wu also addresses and clarifies La Toya Jackson’s support (at the time) of the allegations, Victor Gutierrez and Rodney Allen’s role in the fiasco, and concludes with a short section touching on the Arvizo case.

The film’s greatest accomplishment is to put all these puzzle pieces together in a way that any viewer can comprehend.

Once set in place, there is a sense of crystal-clear understanding that, as Geraldine Hughes says, “Michael Jackson was the victim of an elaborate extortion scheme which launched the allegations.”

Here is the film: