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REVENGE-FAIL!!! Woman Sends SEX TAPE To Her Ex-Boyfriend . . . To Make Him JEALOUS . . . He Leaks It To The ENTIRE WORLD . . . And She Commits SUICIDE!!

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An Italian woman's suicide is making international news headlines. It is being reported that she killed herself after sending a taunting video of her having sex with a new man to her ex-boyfriend. News reports say that her ex then leaked the video, and it went viral.

Tiziana Cantone, from Naples in Italy, created a sex tape showing her performing oral relations on a man. There are claims in Italy that she had sent the video to her former lover to taunt him. Then, the footage was leaked and went viral.

According to close friends and relatives, the 31-year-old was deeply depressed and on the brink of suicide for months prior to her death.

They claim that she could not handle the negative attention from social media.