Rev. Al Sharpton Divorcing His Wife!!

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Al Sharpton and his estranged wife, Kathy Jordan, have finally filed documents for divorce.

They have been separated for 17 years.

The couple married in the '80s and split back in 2004. They share two adult daughters, Dominique and Ashley.

Sharpton made headlines over recent years for his back and forths online with former president Trump.

"I don't care if Donald Trump does 20 tweets on me. Nothing will ever mean more to me than the first Black president calling me a warrior for justice on the program of Nelson Mandela, in his own penmanship," he said back in 2019.

Trump even labeled him a "conman, a troublemaker" who "Hates Whites & Cops!" 

Sharpton said that threats against him and his colleagues increased.


"They have probably tripled since he's come into office, and quadrupled since he tweeted about me," Sharpton at the time. "You've got a president of the United States saying I'm a troublemaker, so what does that say to someone like the guy that shot up El Paso? Even though you hope that it doesn't lead to that, you'd be foolish not to take precautions, because you don't know what nut he may wake up."