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The RESULTS Of Stevie J. And Joseline's DRUG TESTS Came Back . . . And One Of Them . . . Has Been SMOKING CRACK LATELY!!!! (Test Results Inside)

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The court tested Josefine Hernandez and Stevie J. for drug use - and the results are in. We suspected that the results would show that Joseline is still on DRUGS and Stevie wasn't. But according to the website - Stevie is the one who tested positive.

Here's what is reporting:

Joseline gave birth to a baby girl named Bonnie Bella late last month. Prior to the birth she headed to court and blasted Stevie J. in her response. She accuses Stevie J. of spreading lies about her and alleged drug use as part of a publicity stunt he planned … to capitalize on the drama for his new television show.

Further, she has submitted to numerous voluntarily drug tests since becoming pregnant. Each test has shown she has been drug free since she knew she was pregnant.

Joseline says the same cannot be said for Stevie J. ... who has failed multiple drug tests and has dropped out of rehab numerous times. She informs the court that her ex had to be court ordered into rehab only three months ago as part of his bond condition for failing to pay over $1,000,000 in child support.

She claims he has five children with various mothers and has publicly abused drugs and alcohol throughout those children’s lives. He has never been drug free for his other children; not one of the five times he became a father caused him to change his life or outlook on his lifestyle … unlike her who says she has changed her lifestyle for her first and only child.