REPORT: S*xtape Leaks . . . Top Female Rapper DOING COKE . . . Having TRAIN Run On Her!!

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A new blind item claims that a top female rapper is about to have her s*xtape leaked. According to the report, the rapper is doing cocaine in the video - and having a group of men "run a tr*in" on her.

The video has been seen by the top website Crazy Days & Nights. The website was credited with breaking the news that Charlie Sheen is HIV positive. Now they are about to break a new GROUNDBREAKING report.

Here's the blind item:

"The career of this A list rapper is on the line now that some video of her doing coke while having sex with three men is about to be released."

While the website didn't name the "female rapper" in the story - they did say that she's "A list." Given the state of hip hop today, the only female rapper that could possibly be "A List" would be Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B.

We wonder which one of the three ladies it could be??