Rihanna and her boyfriend of three years Hassan Jameel split a few months ago, and it's undeniable that Rihanna gained a lot of weight during their relationship.

MTO News has learned that Rihanna blew up from 125 pounds - to now over 200 pounds during their relationship.

Now there's a new report coming off Youtube, that Hassan had been allegedly "force-feeding" Rihanna, - to make her fat as a means of controlling her.

According to blogger Shallon Lester, she claims to have “sources” that told her Hassan encouraged Rihanna to gain weight - so that he could better "control" her.

Shallon told her audience that Hassan would, “purposefully leave her favorite snacks around...on the jet & on the yacht” - so that Rih would have no choice but to overeat.

Shallon disapproved of Hassan's alleged actions, saying, "Is this not the most effed up thing you've ever heard?" 

What do you think? Was Hassan in the wrong for allegedly force-feeding our queen?

Would you be upset if your man kept your favorite snacks on deck? Sounds kinda like a DREAM to us . . .