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REPORT: Rapper Lil Uzi Uses 'SATANTIC CULT' Imagery . . . For Album Artwork!!


Rapper Lil Uzi released the artwork fro his new album, and it uses imagery from one of the most notorious satanic" cults in history. Lil Ui borrowd artwork from the notorious Heaven's Gate "cult."

For those that are unaware of what Heaven's Gate is- here's how the NY Post's Page Six explains it:

Originally formed in San Diego in the mid-1970s, Heaven’s Gate gained worldwide notoriety in 1997, after several of the group’s members — 20 women and 19 men, ranging between the ages of 26 and 72 — participated in a mass suicide after the Comet Halle Bop passed the earth, in hopes of catching a ride on a spacecraft they believed was trailing the celestial object.

Among the dead was the cult’s founder, Marshall Applewhite, whose face is currently Uzi’s Instagram avatar.

Here's Lil Uzi's artwork:

And here's the Heaven's Gate logo:


Rapper Lil Uzi has been coming under fire lately, for making reference to SATAN and SATANIC imagery in his music. Some parents are threatening a boycott of his music.

The purple-haired, yelpy-voiced, oddly-dressed rapper is the last artist you'd expect to be the target of devil-worshipping accusations. Dude sampled the Reading Rainbow theme song. Dude released a mixtape inspired by Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Dude has a song with an accordion in it. Uzi's music is technicolor trap-pop, just about the least demonic-sounding thing that's ever been housed under the umbrella of hip hop. But here we are in 2017, and he's just about the only rapper who's currently facing conspiracy theories about his alleged allegiance to Lucifer.