MTO EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Future And One Of His Babys Mothers . . . Just Got 'SPIRITUALLY MARRIED' . . . She Got A Ring And A Wedding . . . But NO PAPERWORK!! (PICS)


Congratulations are in order, rapper Future and his babys mother Brittani have reportedly gotten married . . . SPIRITUALLY that is.

According to reports online Future and Brittani walked down the aisle - and had a "spiritual" ceremony. Brittani is wearing a ring, refers to Future as husband, and her mom even calls Future Hendrix her son-in-law.

Rumor has it that Future and Brittani are expecting a child together.

Here is the tea from the Instagram SheGosspiz:

Apparently Future's BM 'The Stripper' finally con'd her way into getting a ring from him. According to my #BadTourage boo, Brittni had been seen around Atlanta wearing a wedding band (yes, on the correct finger LOL) and posting snapchats about how she's "Wifey".

Another source said she overheard Brittni's conversation at a trendy Atlanta spot on how her and Future are planning on going out of town soon to make it "Official". Lol

Then here comes the snaphat photo "Son In-Law" . I say, good for her . . . smart move girl cheers! He'll still cheat though, we're almost 100% sure that she will accept it.