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According to a new internet rumor, R&B singer Jaheim is now driving an Uber.

Multiple hip hop news websites are reporting that the 2000s R&B singer is now a freelance taxi driver. If true, driving would only be Jaheim's side gig - because he still makes music, and still tours.

The reports claim that Jaheim pulled up to an Uber passenger named Gordon Davis, who hired an Uber in Atlanta, 

The site claimed that Jaheim explained that he was in town for a few days visiting a relative and ran out of money so he decided to drive Uber in order to score enough cash to make it home. 

According to the report, Jaheim drives Uber regularly and is proud of it. He hopes to get back in the studio to record again but as of now he’s “ubering” as a means for survival.

One website claimed to have received confirmation from the singer:

We reached out to Jaheim and he did confirm his new gig and he also is giving all his fans one free Uber ride. Use Jaheim’s Uber code and get a free ride on him! The promo code is JaheimUE62.

Jaheim has not commented on these reports.

Jaheim was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and was raised in the city's now-defunct Memorial Parkway Homes public housing project. His father died in 1981, when he was only three years old. His grandfather sang with many top groups, including The Drifters, and their family reunions were big songfests. Singing at family reunions and local talent shows preceded a successful tryout at the Apollo Theater's talent show. He won the contest three times when he was fifteen.