REPORT: Michael Jackson's Father Is Reportedly NEAR DEATH . . . They EXPECT . . . He Will PASS AWAY TODAY!! (DETAILS)


The head of the Jackson clan, Joe Jackson is on his last legs. According to the website Radar Online, Joe is expected to die today.

Here is what they're saying:

According to reports, the 87-year-old became feeble as his personal doctor ran a few tests, coming down with a high fever in a matter of minutes.

“The Jackson clan is just beyond upset but they are all coming together to be there for him. No one expected him to last this long,” the insider told Radar exclusively. “Joe will most likely be dead today. He is in real bad shape.”

As Radar previously reported, ever since his massive stroke last summer, the Jackson patriarch seems “to be at death’s door and requires a team of home care nurses 24/7 .”

“His medical condition is so far gone and Joe has not left his bed in months,” a source told Radar at the time. “That is on doctor’s orders. He is literally not allowed to leave his house. It is really bad.”

Joe has been a controversial figure. People have alleged that he abused his children, while raising them to be entertainers.