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REPORT: Man Is FORCED To Pay Child Support . . . For His EX'S NEW BABY . . . All Because He Never GOT A DIVORCE!!!


Fellas, whenever you break up with a woman - make SURE to file for DIVORCE. Or you may be on the hook for life. That's what happened to an Iowa man.
An Iowa man named Joe Vandusen is being asked to pay child support, for a child fathered recently by his ex-wife - whom he hasn't seen for 16 years.

Here is how its being reported on the local news:

"We've had no contact whatsoever in 16 or 17 years, and the child just turned one year old," Vandusen said.

But by law, Joe is still legally responsible, and the state and its Child Support Recovery Unit are telling him he had better pay up.

"I explained to her this is not my child. I'm willing to do a paternity test and she flat out told me it does not matter, you're legally married to her. You're going to pay child support," Vandusen said.

The couple broke up but were never divorced, and Iowa law and many other states require husbands to pay child support for any child born during the marriage.

"I think it's wrong, it shows Iowa needs to change their laws," said Vandusen, who has two biological children and is helping to raise two non-biological children with his current girlfriend of five years.

Man Protests Law Requiring Him To Pay Child Support For Another Man’s Child