A new report claims that Kanye West was allegedly caught kissing Candace Owens - by his wife Kim Kardashian. The EXPLOSIVE new report claims that Kim caught the two kissing in Africa. Kanye asked the pretty Conservative pundit with him to Uganda, to help him record his album..

Radar Online, which originally published the report, is suggesting that Kanye and Candace have more than just a platonic friendship.

Here's what they are saying:

“Kanye’s into Candace and Kim’s very scared,” a source revealed.

However, the reality star’s fears ratcheted up to a whole new level when 29-year-old Owens accompanied them on their recent trip to the African nation of Uganda.

“Kim caught Kanye giving Candace a kiss while they were elephant watching and she lost it!” said the source. “She confronted Candace, telling her to back up off Kanye and get her own man.”

West, continued the source, defended Owen, telling Kardashian, 37, that “it was a friendly kiss and that they are just friends.”

As Radar reported, the rapper was caught cozying up to Owens at a listening party in June for his new album Ye.

Candace and Kanye have gotten close in recent months. But MTO News has never uncover any evidence that the two have anything other than a platonic relationship.