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Report: Kanye West Is NOT CRAZY . . . Powerful People Are Trying To SILENCE HIM . . . Including POLITICIANS AND CORPORATIONS!! (Kanye May Be . . . Being SET UP??)

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There have been multiple reports in the media that Kanye West is having some type of mental breakdown. Well not everyone believes that. Many believe that there is a very dep rooted conspiracy to destroy Yeezy.

Here is one very DEEP theory, from


3 Oct 2016, Kim Kardashian robbed, held at gunpoint in sophisticated attack. Months before this Trump on record as saying Kanye loves him and Trump loves Kanye. This was a warning shot to Kanye. Scooter Braun (his agent) and Live Nation (tour organizers) have been told keep his mouth shut until the elections are over.

Kanye has been on the Trump Train and silenced by the MSM since before September 2015. It was public knowledge in celeb circles but nobody would report it. From Trump himself he's probably had this sort of threat hanging over him and his family's safety the entire time.


San Jose
Kanye speaks out against Hillary Clinton, false media reporting, tech companies like Facebook manipulating algorithms.

Kanye makes broad attacks against the media's endemic institutionalized corruption. From radio airtime being bought to inorganically grow songs to awards shows gifting awards to get performers to show up to artists being too scared to change the system and becoming a part of it so the gravy train keeps rolling

Kanye repeatedly said he feared assassination attempts for speaking out.

This is what Kanye said at the concert. The TLDR and Full Transcript in the link. This is NOT A RANT. He's speaking coherently and saying a lot of reasonable, nuanced things. The user who posted this comment was banned for it.

Selfie with fan (video). This is his mental state leaving the concert, seems 100% sane and in control.

Kanye created an art installation on Instagram. His latest creative direction collaborator, artist Elli Russel Lintz announced the project. Mainstream media is trying to portray this as a crazed episode when it's a pre-announced art installation project posting an early 2000s Margiela lookbook.

DO NOT BELIEVE their lies about his mental health. He's perfectly sane. The DailyMail and TMZ right now are the worst offenders for slandering him.

Los Angeles
Concert canceled, then full 22 remaining tour dates canceled. Shows make $1.5m/each plus $500k-$705K in merch each. There's a lot of money being thrown at the right people to pull this tour.

An hour ago Kanye was hospitalized against will "for his own protection." Taken in handcuffs despite insisting he's fine. AGAINST HIS WILL.

Cite exhaustion, sleep deprivation and overwork as their reasons.

Kanye's Mental Health
After the death of his mother he's been forced onto drugs (Lexapro) to numb him when he was going through perfectly normal grief. Side effects include a manic state if you come off it which he does frequently because these anti-depressants literally kill all emotion, sex drive, creativity etc. They're trying and failing to control him.

They've known he's difficult to control and been drugging him for quite some time. As a serious thinker and savvy business man aside from being a genius creative he has deep insider knowledge of the MSM manipulation. They've been trying to silence him and sideline him for a while now.

Do not believe for a second that he's mentally ill. Listen to his speeches, read the transcripts. He's finally stopped caring about the consequences and authorities. He's simply telling us the truth under a lot of risk.

He knows where the bodies are buried. He's been a part of the global elite for a long time and hates every bit of lies he encounters. He rolls in tech circles, fashion circles, Hamptons & NYC wealth circles and in LA media circles. There is a HUGE brewing scandal about to emerge about the LA entertainment industry's dirty little secret and he's probably the one they fear most will expose it.

His wife was almost murdered by a sophisticated group of attackers. He's been forcibly committed for speaking out against the web of lies.


TOO MANY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN ASSASSINATED IN RECENT MONTHS. 2 of Assange's lawyers - his London lawyer just decided to jump in front of a train a month ago, the staffer shot metres from his house, the trail of bodies in the 90s.

Kanye's personality and background

Before you go on, this is the sort of man Kanye is. Fearless leader, amazing instincts, risks his own life for his fans without a second thought.

Do not believe the angry black man narrative the MSM try to push to discredit him.

His parents are both professors. He's been awarded multiple art scholarships out of highschool. He began his music production career coding in 7th grade and wanted to make a soundtrack for his video game. He worked 10 years in Parisian fashion houses as apprentice and was personally tutored the head of the Masters at Central St Martins (the elite school of fashion, has tighter entry requirements than Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Yale. Alexander McQueen is one of the many famous students). Kanye owns multiple patents for innovations. He's an incredibly bright man.

Never fails to speak his mind even if it hurts his career if he thinks he's doing the right thing. His "controversies" include: speaking against homophobia in the industry, speaking against Bush's botching of Katrina, speaking against rigged award shows, speaking against the lack of integrity in the media, speaking against the price gouging and elitism of the high fashion world.



#PrayforYe hashtag, full of shills wishing for his death and general abuse. Spread concern for his safety and turn the message positive. People can be inhumane pigs, don't let them get away with it. If he isn't kept safe nobody in the inner circle will ever break rank again. He's fighting despite his wife, children and his own safety being in jeopardy.

Don't let the MSM spread the narrative of him being stupid or crazy. The man has unparalleled success in every field he has ever entered from music to art to fashion to business.

Don't let the MSM push a narrative of him being an elitist. His entire career has been dedicated to his fans and shunning personal gain to preserve integrity.

Don't let the MSM push a narrative of him being delusional. They did it with Taylor Swift incident. He's so paranoid of the MSM he films every call and exposed her lies with video proof. Same story with Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg asked Kanye's friend Ebony Schiller to arrange a dinner with him. They discussed Kanye's business vision (DONDA - named after his mother). Kanye has a lot of tech interests, he's been a coder since the 7th grade. Zuck promised to fund him and then pulled out all of a sudden which caused the rift. Zuck was the one that approached Kanye re Donda and then welched on the financing.

Expect slander, f!ght against it - MSM will inevitably spread stories about potential divorce, they'll accuse him of violence, they'll fabricate fake stories of manic episodes, they've already lied about the instragram installation and his mental state leaving the Sacramento concert.