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REPORT: Kanye West Had a 'NERVOUS BREAKDOWN' . . . After His Fashion Show FLOPPED . . . He's NOT WELL Y'ALL!!


The NY Post is claiming that Kanye West recently had what they are describing as a "nervous breakdown." It occurred after his latest Yeezy Fashion Show fiasco. Here is how they are reporting it:

“He had his agent fire all 30 of his staff after the fashion show and got rid of his phone so people can only contact him via e-mail,” an insider said. “He had a nervous breakdown after the show, and that’s what triggered it all.” Reviews for the show — where the models looked totally miserable — ranged from the uncomfortable “hot mess” to the downright horrible, “abomination.”

But another source close to the situation insisted that while Kanye wasn’t happy, “He didn’t have a ‘nervous breakdown.’ Some people got let go, and there was a reorganization of others who he moved back to the music side of things. He’s a grown-up. He was reflective and disappointed in how things went . . . He took stock in what people were saying and he was disappointed. But he’s more determined than ever to get that stuff right. And as far as throwing away his cellphone? If he did, then it’s not the first time. He always does that.”