REPORT: It's Over . .. Giselle Is FORCING Tom Brady To 'RETIRE' . . . After Amazing Super Bowl Win!! (Is She RIGHT . .. ??)


Tom Brady may have just played his last football game - if his supermodel wife has anything to say about it. Radar Online is reporting that Giselle is making Tom retire.

Here is a piece of their report:

Giselle Bündchen is ready for her football star hubby Tom Brady to call it quits with his career, and has the exclusive details!

“Giselle is begging him to retire and go out on top. She has retired and wants him to too,” revealed Radar’s source. “They have more money than they can ever spend and she is worried about him.”

“Giselle wants Tom to follow the David Beckham model post sports,” the insider continued, “[and] do endorsements, modeling and personal appearances.”

But hard-headed Brady, 39, isn’t ready to give up his glory just yet: “He is a competitor and thinks he has another five years in him. He thinks he can win again!”

Will his defiance create bigger problems at home? As Radar previously reported, 36-year-old Bündchen and Brady have had plenty of issues in their marriage in the past.