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Remy Ma's Husband PAPOOSE Finally Takes Off His Hat . . . And His Hairline Is TOO PERFECT!! (Real Or Fake?)

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Remy Ma's husband Papoose is known for being a good and supportive husband, a great lyrical rapper, and for always wearing a hat.

Well now he's just the first two. MTO News obtained images of Papoose - taken recently - and he's not wearing a hat.

For years no one has seen what 40 year old Pap looked like without his hat. In fact, he wore a fitted hat to his WEDDING to Remy Ma. Yes, Pap kept his hat on throughout the entire ceremony. Papoose would most likely turn down an opportunity to appear on a television series if he couldn’t wear his hat. 

The last image of the Brooklyn rapper without his hat was VERY GRAINY. But in the image Papoose looked like he had a receding hairline. The image, as you can see below, was taken from a Screenshot of an old video. It was taken nearly 8 years ago.


But now a new image has been released - showing Pap's new hairline. And some people are calling him out - saying that his new hairline is fake.


But others are saying that it's real. For years it's been a running joke online that Pap NEVER takes off his hat. The overwhelming belief was that he didn't because he had a bad hairline.

Well now it looks like Pap may have just been TROLLING folks for all these years.