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Remy Ma Is STILL THROWING SHOTS At Nicki Minaj . . . Calls Nicki A DUMB AZZ . . . WHACK AZZ . . . B*TCH!!! (Does Remy Sound BITTER Though??)

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Remy Ma is still not afraid to DISS rival Nicki Minaj - but fans are starting to get upset with Remy about it.

Remy Ma went on Instagram Live yesterday and started MOUTHING OFF at Nicki, and she was attacked by fans.

Listen to Remy fighting back.

This all started when Remy made her comeback - with the diss song "ShETHER" (there was a lot about Nicki's butt in there). People wondered how Nicki was going to react, but the queen of rap chose to do virtually nothing (she's above that).

We're guessing that Remy hopes another round will get Nicki's attention (but we doubt it).