Female rappers must be feeling pressed, because lately it seems like every day a different one of them has something negative to say about Megan Thee Stallion.

Cardi has been throwing darts at Megan, and so has Lil Kim. Now Remy Ma is the latest female rapper to publicly diss Megan.

Yesterday, on her show The State Of The Culture, Remy Ma called Megan a "Scalawag."

And Remy explained WHY she felt the need to use that derogatory word towards Megan. Remy told her co-hosts, "I looked up the word scalawag - and [Megan] kinda is a scalawag."

Remy continued, "The definition of scalawag . . . is someone who does bad actions but they are praised for it."

She added, "[Megan] talks a lot of sh*t [about] violating n*ggas, and she's praised for it."

"But, so look. Y'all know I'm mad literal, so I looked up the word scallywag," Remy said while laughing. "She kinda might've been right by calling her a scallywag...The definition of scallywag, it was saying something like someone who does bad things, or they do bad actions, but they're praised for it. They're known...it's a good thing. So, I'm like, Megan, she be talkin' that sh*t. Sh*ttin' on n*ggas, violatin' them or whatever, and that's why she's like, championed for that."

Listen for yourself:

By the way, the Webster's dictionary defines "scalawag" as a person who behaves badly but in an amusing and mischievous rather than harmful way.

Although Remy's comments were made in jest, fans took to social media to air out their displeasure.

Here's the dictionary's definition of a Scallywag:


So far Megan has not responded to Remy's shot.