Remy Ma got into a heated discussion with her State Of The Culture co-host, Eboni Williams over snitching.

Snitching is a hot topic at the moment following Tekashi 6ix9ine's recent testimony against his Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods brother in court this month, and while Eboni feels like there is some justification in snitching, Remy does not agree.

"Can I get off of this couch while she's giving people advice on how to f*ckin' snitch?. She is telling y'all how to snitch and y'all just sitting here listening to it!... The f*ck? Don't f*cking do nothing. If you can't do no time, don't do nothing," Remy said.

Eboni feels that there is "a way" to snitch - but she was quickly corrected by the Love & Hip Hop star.

"No, you said 'How much time could you do?' They're already in court already. I mean don't do nothing, period. Stay a law-abiding citizen, period. There are plenty of people that never committed a crime in their lives, and they're not faced with the decision should I snitch or should I do the time. If you have to feel like when it comes to it that's what you're gonna have to [face], just don't do nothing."

Check out the clip below.