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Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj are far from besties, but that did not stop Remy from taking Nicki's side following their recent social media blunder.

As we all know, BET found themselves in hot water after they tweeted, congratulating Cardi B for her Grammy win while throwing shade at Nicki. Young Money were scheduled to perform at the upcoming BET Experience, but the crew stood together and backed out following the disrespect.

Remy took Nicki's side and agree that BET was out of line for pitting the two rappers against one another:

"BET is suppose to be, ‘Black Entertainment Television’ like, why would y’all do that. Why would y’all be petting two against the other. How can you congratulate one, because that’s what it was, it was a congratulations to Cardi for winning and then in your next breath, you know, you down grade someone else," Remy said.

Scottie Beam weighed in, defending the cyber bullying of the social media assistant who posted the tweet:

You can peep the full episode of 'State Of The Culture' below.