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Remy Ma is taking aim at both Cardi B and Nicki Minaj - calling BOTH female rappers "corny." Remy Ma appears to want the smoke with the two top female rappers in the game.

It all started yesterday, on Remy's new show State Of The Culture. The hosts were discussing Cardi and Nicki's public social media feud on social media last week. 

Remy called both of the women "corny" and suggested that if they were "real" they would have pulled up and fought each other.

Remy may be telling the truth too. Remember, she is the same person who served nearly a decade in prison - for shooting a girl who she believed robbed her of $3,000.

Remy's new show State Of The Culture airs weekly on Revolt.

Here's Remy talking her sh*t:

Previously Remy seemed to be solidly on team Cardi. After Nicki and Cardi's incident, Remy went on Joe Budden's podcast and said:

A woman who’s spent 25 years of her life as a regular-degular-shmegular girl from the BX trumps her one year as a rap star, Remy pointed out about her Bronx rap neophyte. Thus, people should understand which Cardi they’re going to get should she be provoked. She added that the women present during her alleged strip club brawl weren’t so innocent, either.

“Those girls that were there knew Cardi B was gonna be there,” she said. “And they purposely came there, taunting her.”

“Let’s be clear—there really wasn’t a fight,” she said, especially considering that there was no actual physical contact. After all, Remy said, Nicki was bordered off by her security during the fracas.

In a nutshell, “people need to stop talking crazy,” Remy said. “Stop talking crazy, stop tweeting crazy, stop talking all this Instagram banging.”

We'll have to wait and see if either Nicki or Cardi responds to Remy's new statements.