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Brittney Taylor from Love and Hip Hop is claiming that she got into a fight with Remy Ma. 

And Brittany is claiming that Remy beat her up, and blacked her eye. The screenshot below shows a caption Taylor recently shared on Instagram.

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 6.03.39 PM

In the caption, Taylor claims that she was on her way to a very important meeting but was unable to focus because of what occurred the night before.

Here is the full caption:

"So, here am I on my way to a very important meeting and it’s hard to even focus because of what occurred last night," Taylor explained. "I didn’t wanna bring it to social media because Its pretty embarrassing and not a good look tbh. I tried my best to cover it up with make up and move on but that still didn’t work. My Question is @remyma why did you really do this?" She also included the hashtags, "#WHATHAPPENEDTOWOMANEMPOWERMENT " and "#BlackLove."

There are serious consequences for Remy, if Brittney is telling the truth. That's because Remy is still on parole.

Remy Ma discussed her parole an appearance back on The Real on March 8, 2018. During her visit, Remy explained that she was given 5 years of parole when she was released from prison in 2014. Five years plus 2014 is 2019.

In the video, Remy explained that she still had 18 months of parole left. Since the video was taken on March 8, 2018, some quick addition suggests that her parole doesn’t end until September of 2019.

One Twitter follower claims that Remy ran down on Brittney over beef that started on the Love & Hip Hop reunion show: