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Remember That Woman Who Claimed She Was ARRESTED . . . After Getting GANG RAPED In Dubai . . . Well She May Have LIED ABOUT THE RAPE!!

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Last week news broke that a woman was ARRESTED in Dubai after being "gang raped." According to reports, she reported a "rape" to Dubai authorities, and she was arrested for having pre-marital sex.

Well it turns out that maybe the Dubai authorities aren't as CRAZY as we thought.

You see the Daily Mail caught up with the two men who allegedly RAPED the British tourist, and they claim to have PROOF that the sex was consensual. Here is what they're reporting:

Speaking to Mail Online, Louis Harris and David Butlin insist they are delighted to be allowed home to the UK after being accused by vacationer Zara-Jayne Moisey, 25.

Prosecutors said a video clip contained on one of the phones of the suspects proved “consent of the three parties involved."

Martial arts expert Harris, 24, said, “We have been branded gang rapists with no evidence whatsoever.

“We can’t change what happened but people’s lives are being ruined because of this.”

The pair has been advised by their legal team not to talk about Moisey – who spent time in jail for extramarital sex after she reported the alleged crime to Dubai cops.

However, Harris did say they would not want any woman to be arrested and put in prison.

He added, “Nobody should go through what we’ve been through.”